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Summer 2006

Artist Statement Copyright 2006 - 2008 © by eriimamura.com

              In this piece, I depict a important pair of Japanese symbols, crane and turtle. This pair of symbols are often used in ceremonial occasions. Crane is a important symbol of happiness, also symbol of the long life in Japan. It is said to live for a thousand years. Turtle is another symbol of the long life, usually used with the crane symbol. It is said to live for ten thousand years. Also, I put two blessing character. The one on the crain Moccasin is a important Kanji-character, meaning Happiness and Fortune. It is often used in auspicious occasions. And, the other on the turtle Moccasin is another important Kanji-Character, meaning Blessing and Celebration. It is also often used in auspicious occasions. By using these symbols and characters, I express blessing to new born  babies in my cultural way.