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Summer 2006

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           In this series, I depict my personal scenes of Zodiac animals. Japanese regard Zodiac animals the same way westerners regard guardian angels. These Zodiac bells from Shinto shrine in Japan keep away the evil spirits and take over your burden. In this series, I depict each animal with my sacred mountain, Mt.Fuji. I use Native American traditional beading and finger-weaving techniques, with traditional brain-tanned deer-hide, seed-beads, cotton threads, and antique Japanese Kimono textiles. In "U Bag- Rabbit”, I express a Japanese folk tale with my hometown scenery. In the tale, a rabbit lives in the moon, making mochi (rice-cake). We enjoy watching the rabbit in the full moon. This is a scene with the Tama river and Mt.Fuji. It is the view of my home town in Tokyo, where I belong. In "Tatu Bag-Dragon”, I depict one of cultural mythical animals, Dragon. Dragon is a god of water, living in the sky. We often see dragons in clouds near Mt.Fuji. In “Hitsuji Bag-Sheep”, I express a important animal for Native Americans here. Last summer, in the Monument Valley I saw many sheep with a beautiful red sunset. When I see a Native American sacred place, I see my sacred mountain, Mt.Fuji.