Matsuri Beyond Generation: Tabi Moccasins Home

SOFA 2008

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In this piece, I depict a Japanese traditional Shito festival, Kurayami Matsuri, which is held near my home in Tokyo. Since I was a child I go to this festival and enjoy its powerful and spiritual scenes. It is said that this Matsuri started over thousand years ago. Attending this festival makes me feel our long history and my root I belong to. In the lift moccasin, there is a traditional scene of the festival in Edo era: on the inside of it, there are men with traditional hair style and tattoo and on the outside there is a spiritual scenery of Mikoshi (a portable shrine) people are carrying in the festival. On the other hand, In the right side, I depict a contemporary scene of the festival in Tokyo, which looks a little different from the past at the same time remaining the tradition. On the inside of the Moccasin, there are men with traditional tattoo as well as contemporary items such as cigarettes and glasses. Also there is a girl who is now allowed to carry Mikoshi with men. On the outside, there is a modern scenery of the festival with building s and street lights. Therefore, changing an aspect little by little as the environment changes, people keep the tradition alive and pass it down from generation to generation throughout our long history.