The Japanese Spiral Force Series Home

Fall 2005

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       In this piece, I express my cultural cosmology by using Native American traditional beading techniques. In the center of this piece, there are the three Japanese spiral emblems, called Tomoe emblems, which represent the Japanese creation story: Before this world, there was nothing. And then when centrifugal, centripetal and spiral force occurred, the sky and earth appeared. A god of origin contains the both sides of forces, god and the opposite of the god. These compose the spiral. The god of origin created two gods, a god of the two opposite forces and a god of creation. The two gods symbolize the system of world creation. The two opposite forces, which are from the same gad, create everything in this Cosmos. A force causes the opposite of it, and the opposite cause another force, which repeats infinitely like the birth and rebirth, and death and life. Constantly this eternal composition and creation will continue.

          The biggest symbol of the three black and white spiral symbols is my family emblem, which I belong to. Around the spirals I depict important Japanese flowers, Japanese plum and cherry blossoms, which represent a beautiful, alive spring in Japan. There are also Japanese traditional hemp patterns, which represent energy of life. The spiral force infinitely creates life, and makes a Japanese spring filled with life.