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Spring 2008

Artist Statement Copyright 2006 - 2008 © by eriimamura.com

In this series, I create a girl’s set for Children’s Celebration of 3,5and 7 years of Age. In old time, many children died before they became adults. My great-grandmother bored ten children but only six could survive. Parents bring daughters to the Shinto Shrine to thank the deities for their health and safety at the age of three and seven, and boys at the age five. Even now most families go to shrines to pray the deities for children’s long life and happiness. Girls dress in traditional, formal Kimono and carry a long bag of blessing stick candies. In those days sugar was thought to be a precious medicine to promise children’s long life.
Pokkuri is a pair of luxurious wooden clogs that a girl would wear with a traditional formal dress. Hakoseko is a small purse for a woman’s tissues. The design of crane and pine is one of a most blessing and luxurious symbol in our tradition.