Artist statement

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The 3.11 disaster in Japan happened when I was out of my country, Japan. At that moment I was beading this major sculptural piece called Freedom. I was stunned because what I was beading on this piece became tragically a reality.  I was making a torso of a man pressing his hands for prayer with Tattoo of Japanese scenery; a big wave hitting Tokyo neon lights. Somehow I predicted this disaster. Today capitalism and materialism dominates mainstream societies in Japan as well as most countries in the world. People are chasing after selfish and short-sighted benefits for themselves destroying natural environment. I have been seeing this off- balanced madness in Japanese society for a while and trying to warn by my art works that we need to balance with nature and live with nature as our cultural traditional belief. But finally it did hit the limit and explored. I was devastated. I felt powerless.

Now I think of my country; what we should do and which direction we should go from now? This is the questions not only for Japanese but also for humans on this entire planet, Mother Earth. We need to change back our direction to balanced and sustainable life-style with natural environment. As Mayan says, 2012 is about time to correct our mistakes and change for all human survivals. I believe Art is a strong potential leading us to freedom from limited human minds. My Art pieces are my voice, massages and hope to Japanese government and people not only in Japan but also around the world.

Eri Imamura