Size; W24" x L 29" x H 3"

Materials; Seed beads, cut beads, 24k gold beads, antique Japanese Kimono textiles, wood, stuffing






      As the pair to the male torso “FREEDOM”, I would express one of the most essential humanity ”Mercy”, in a woman body  pressing her hands for prayer for Japan. The unconditional love and Mercy of mother is the most powerful and beautiful thing beyond cultures around the world. In the piece Virgin Guadalupe is blessing and protecting a pure new-born baby and sending down the baby to this world, Tokyo Japan today where people are struggling with the Nuclear situation.
Phoenix and dragon is a pair in our tradition; Male and female, fire and water, red and blue /white, heaven and ocean and so on. Phoenix represents great hope and luck, and immortality and reincarnation. She is called a bird of Heaven; when she spreads the wings she gives us virtuous. And when she flies she creates winds of Heaven. She is also called a fire bird; her fire represents immortal energy or spirit. Her body is shining seven colors or it changes seven colors all the times. And she has beautiful very long tales, which I depict on this piece.
For the female figure, I put the “Red Fuji”, Mt Fuji with the sun light, which is another symbolic Mt Fuji Ukiyoe. I depict the nuclear symbol is hidden by her roses, which means the Maria is healing this world.
The baby represents reincarnation and the future.